About this project

Hudson Line Rider is a project about the visual and social landscape of my daily commute. OK, what does than mean?

The project has two basic components: photographs and text. The image portion requires me to pick my head up and take a look around, at the river, the Palisades, the industrial sites, my fellow commuters. I’m using my Blackberry to take the photographs. It seems the right camera for this: A workday device for a project about commuting, and one I can use to post from Metro North.

The text is part essay, part journalism (and I hope very little grumbling, though I make no promises). I’m interested in how we negotiate this public-private space—basically, how hundreds of us make this almost one-hour journey together, every day twice a day.

Please visit often (even twice a day!) to view, read and comment. I hope we can make this journey together, too. —George Kimmerling


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One Response to “About this project”

  1. jellykean Says:

    I love the idea of picking your head up out of your routine and really looking at where you live. Can’t wait to read more!

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