Silent partner

This morning it dawns on me: If I imagine the man next to me on the train as an old friend, a best friend—and not a suit with sharp elbows competing for what’s left of the already too small space between us—our ride into town together becomes almost subtle and sweet.

Here, at 8:04 a.m., I hurtle into the tunnel paired with a man, mid-30s, dressed for work like me. He reads the Sunday NY Times (yes, it is now Monday). His demeanor is studious as he moves quietly from front page to business to sports. Is the tone of this moment so different from the serenity I felt yesterday, sitting at home in comfortable silence and shared solitude with my partner, reading those same pages?

Our train begins lugging into the station. The man next to me rises, as does the woman in front of him. She turns to my seatmate and, holding out her sections of the Sunday Times, asks, “Did you want to see any of these.” He indicates no, and the couple head off onto the platform. I’m left to wonder how they spent yesterday.


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One Response to “Silent partner”

  1. jellykean Says:

    Now I’m wondering too…

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