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East River trestle

May 29, 2010

Evening fog along the Hudson

May 28, 2010

Shipping at the end of the day

May 28, 2010

Below the Henry Hudson Bridge

May 27, 2010

From where I’m sitting

May 26, 2010

Approaching storm over the Hudson River

May 25, 2010

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Passing Amtrak

May 25, 2010

How to find the perfect seat on Metro-North

May 24, 2010

You have approximately 8 seconds from the moment you enter a train car to find a good seat. Take more time than that, and every decent spot will be occupied. So what to scan for when assessing which open seat is best? Here’s a checklist of folks to avoid:

  • People talking on cell phones or even holding cell phones (if he didn’t intend to use it, he’d put it away)
  • Riders with food that spills easily (popcorn, beer), comes in an overly crackly bag (potato chips, pretzels), smells (hard-boiled eggs, egg sandwiches, cheap pizza) or is too messy (BBQ wings)
  • Small children with no books or toys to occupy them
  • Small children with toys that screech or squawk (I already know my ABCs and what Mr. Cow says)
  • High school kids who are drinking or have been drinking (no good can come of this!)
  • High school kids who are not reading a textbook or otherwise doing their homework (“Idle hands…”)
  • High school kids not traveling alone (you don’t even know you have an indoor voice til age 18)
  • Teenage boys who don’t look like they’ve showered this week
  • Everyone on St. Patrick’s Day (enough said)
  • Women who look like they probably wear makeup but just haven’t applied it yet (you can’t effectively use a mascara wand without lots of elbow room)
  • People who hold their NYT too close to the seat in front of them (no appreciation for how sensitive the back of your head might be)
  • Groups of more than 8 riders over age 25 (they still think they are in high school)
  • Riders obviously not on their way to work or school (they’ll want to talk to you about sights to see and which neighborhoods are safe)
  • Anyone handing out beer to his buddies
  • People who take off their shoes (this is not a long airplane ride)
  • Riders with cheap, leaky earphones (iPods are only as cool as the earbuds to which their connected)
  • People with dogs that can fit in a pocketbook (we moved out of Brooklyn to avoid rodents. And Paris Hilton? So not-now.)
  • Couples who plop down in a 3-person seat, but leave the middle seat open and talk across it (if he doesn’t want to sit next to her, he really isn’t that into her)
  • Men who adopt the Larry Craig “wide stance” (knees should remain within the width of the seat; this is true everywhere)
  • Bloggers a little too interested in noting your bad behavior

Not an exhaustive list, but a start….

Bronx retaining wall

May 24, 2010

Heading toward the Hudson

May 21, 2010