About me and this project

As a visual artist, I’m interested in the intersection between the public and private spheres, in the construction of identity and our understanding of place. This blog is a new project that uses image and text to explore the landscape and social space of the Metro North Hudson line, on which I commute each day. It’s also an effort to connect my art practice to my daily work life and to blur the boundaries between them. As part of that connection, I’m limiting myself to taking the photographs with my Blackberry. It seems the right workday camera for the project, and I am struck by the decidedly low-tech-looking results that this high-tech device produces—more Diana camera than Nikon D3x.

I’ve been working in photography, installation and other media for more than 15 years. A short tour though my CV: I earned an MFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program. I’ve had residencies in the PS1/MoMA National Studio Program, at the MacDowell Colony and through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. My work has been exhibited at such venues as the New Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Momenta Art and Nicole Klagsbrun gallery, among other sites. I was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts grant in 2004.

I hope you’ll check back often and comment on what you see and read.  –George Kimmerling

3 Responses to “About me and this project”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the link to ArtCulture. I just paged through your entire site, it’s a good project. Interesting…I once wrote a long weird sort of metaphysical poem while riding the metro north. Your pictures make me want to look at it again.

    • George Kimmerling Says:

      Thanks, Scott. There’s a certain discipline or constraint to it–taking pictures of the same journey every day–that I think is fruitful. I hope to keep the project up for at least a year; one full cycle through the seasons and light along the way. Not to mention enough to time to gauge how we interact or don’t on the trip.

  2. carrington brown Says:

    i look forward to seeing more of your work Paul’s brother!

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